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Eric Kavanagh

On the Fly: Instant Value with Streaming Analytics

Why wait? If you can understand what’s happening with your business right now, why put off the analysis? Streaming analytics gives you the ability to not only see what’s moving through your enterprise; you can analyze what’s happening while all that data is in flight. Not only can you save time and capitalize on opportunities; …Read More

Plan for Success: Using Process Models to Achieve Business Goals

No one ever plans to fail, right? The question in business is always: how do you effectively plan for success? One of the most efficient methods focuses on breaking down organizational silos to address inefficiencies and optimize processes. Whether for operations, sales, marketing or other areas, the key is to understand how the business runs ...

Database Survival Guide

Database is the new black. Ever the backbone of information management architectures, database technology continually evolves to meet growing and changing business needs. New types of data and applications make the database more important then ever, and understanding which technology best serves your use case is paramount to building a rock solid architecture. This interactive …Read More

Eric Kavanagh

All Grown Up: Understanding the Data Maturity Model

How advanced is your company’s data strategy? Are you just getting started? Fully mature? Somewhere in between? A data maturity model can help your organization appreciate where you are in leveraging data as a critical asset. By getting realistic about your current state, you can effectively plan for the next steps to optimize your business, …Read More

Eric Kavanagh

How ‘Artificial’ Is Artificial Intelligence?

Will smart robots take all our jobs by 2020? That’s highly unlikely, but some controversial figures like Elon Musk seem to wax philosophical on this topic. One area of concern is so-called Artificial Intelligence, which is actually a software discipline with decades of work under its belt. Where does AI stand today, and what does …Read More