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Navigating GDPR

Data may be the new oil, but every sword cuts both ways. Just as with any valuable asset, there are liabilities associated with data. The key to success in today’s world is to ensure that you have sound policies in place for managing data, especially personally identifiable information. That gets rather challenging for established organizations …Read More

Eric Kavanagh

Collect the Dots: The New Possible for Digital Evidence

You can’t connect the dots if you don’t collect the dots. So goes a long-standing mantra in detective work, as well as policing and surveillance in general. These days, a whole host of laws and regulations require that police departments and other organizations retain surveillance footage for longer than ever, especially for body cams and …Read More

The New Possible: A Healthcare Revolution Begins

We stand on the precipice of a healthcare revolution. Genomics and the spectrum of life sciences have reached a pinnacle in human history. Now, as a critical mass of information is analyzed at scale, a whole new world of potential begins. Register for this Web seminar to learn about imminent advances in healthcare. Bloor Group ...

Innovation At-Scale: The Future of Business

From machine learning to digital twins, the future of business has arrived. Today's pioneers synthesize an array of modern technologies to create solutions that scale. They begin with the end in mind, designing next-generation applications that fundamentally improve the user experience. They recognize that today's consumer demands high-quality products and services, and will accept nothing ...

The New Possible: Next-Generation Software-as-a-Service

Cloud Computing is now mature. Major forces like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google and other powerhouses have reshaped the World Wide Web in amazing ways. But what about all that data? The cloud storage game is just now catching up! Register for this Web seminar to learn about Cloud Storage 2.0, and how a new startup, ...