Digital transformation has been happening across the world for the last few decades as the traditional brick and mortar companies move from doing business face to face to having a virtual presence. Now, most companies offer their products and services online. The average consumer has had an online experience with one of the larger online companies; such as Facebook, Amazon or Twitter. As a result, consumers have an expectation of a certain level of excellence when using an online product or service. However, the typical business doesn’t have the resources of the online giants to develop and test their applications and web services.


Fortunately, there are companies like Sauce Labs that are dedicated to providing testing environments for developers to try their apps in a real-world environment before going to market. Sauce Labs provides cloud-based testing for mobile and web applications. It offers Sauce Headless, a testing solution that provides cloud-based headless browser testing on containers.

Today, on InsideAnalysis Radio, Eric Kavanagh talks with Lubos Parobek, Sauce Labs VP of Products about real-world testing of mobile and web apps.