Inside Analysis is the new media arm of The Bloor Group.

The Bloor Group provides detailed analysis of today’s enterprise software industry. Co-founded by Dr. Robin Bloor and Eric Kavanagh, the company leverages Web-based multimedia to deliver vendor-neutral education that is designed to reveal the essential characteristics of information technologies. The Bloor Group galvanizes the industry’s independent analysts to provide valuable insights via innovative Webcasts, articles, research programs and white papers.

Robin Bloor

Robin Bloor

Chief Analyst


The Bloor Group fosters a culture of transparency and integrity in everything we do. As a small outfit, we only work with the highest caliber contractors. We have a perfect record of no complaints from any entity in 12 years of doing business. We intend to keep that record permanently by keeping the lines of communication open, and encouraging everyone who works with us to embrace what we call: The Right to Be Respected. This is a common-sense policy that reminds people to always be respectful of others, and mindful of any applicable rules and regulations.