From predictive analytics to computer vision, AI delivers all sorts of value these days. The hardest part is usually the last mile: Connecting the insights derived from AI into the operational systems that run businesses. For the cloud-native crowd, this is not so hard, as they were designed in the era of modern AI. But for the 96% of companies outside that realm, there’s still some work to do. Find out more on this episode of InsideAnalysis as Host @eric_kavanagh interviews several experts including Brandon Bornancin, Seamless AI; Murray Galbraith, Youneeq; and Yashar Behzadi, Synthesis AI.

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About Adam White

Grew up on the Gulf Coast between New Orleans and Mobile. Graduated from Texas Wesleyan University with a Bachelor of Science in 1991. Worked in computer hardware for 20 years and recently switched to the Enterprise Software side. Currently the producer for InsideAnalysis, DM Radio & The Bloor Group.