• Jason Rose, SAP
  • Sarah Austin, Influencer

Eric Kavanagh recently returned from SAP Sapphire where the big talk was SAP’s recent 8 billion dollar purchase of Qualtrics, a single system of record for all experience data including customer, product, employee, and brand all on one platform.  SAP has always been on top of Operational Data, the ‘O’ Data as it is often referred. Now they will have detailed X Data, otherwise known as experience Data for a complete picture of the X’s & O’s.

In today’s broadcast of InsideAnalysis, Eric will talk with Jason Rose, Chief Marketing Officer SAP Customer Experience and Sarah Austin, influencer extraordinaire and advocate for women in business. Women are underrepresented in Tech in general; however, there are plenty of opportunities in the industry and many top positions are held by women. Today’s conversation briefly touches on these issues and more.