Decisions, decisions! With the recent news about CentOS 8, businesses need to make up their minds quickly. Will CentOS Stream fill the void? What about other Linux distributions such as Rocky Linux, NavyLinux, Debian, Ubuntu, SUSE? And what implications are there for open source stacks? Databases, containers, runtimes, networking, and new transactional layers are redefining what’s possible for the scale-out enterprise.

Register for this special episode of #InsideAnalysis to hear Host @eric_kavanagh interview Javier Perez of Perforce, Joshua Drake of PostgreSQL, Harish Doddi of Datatron, and Paul Gureghian of The Aerospace Corporation. They’ll discuss a pragmatic approach to crafting workable roadmaps that solve for current needs, but also keep the door open for the next wave of innovation coming down the pike. And they’ll offer specific recommendations for addressing security, scalability and cost.