The Briefing Room with Equalum and The Bloor Group

Information architectures work until they don’t. For companies that tempt fate by waiting too long before modernizing, the pain can be very real, and costly. But for organizations that invest carefully in the next generation of data orchestration, the benefits can be remarkable: streamlined workflows; faster time-to-market; super-charged profitability and more. How can your company lead the charge into the next Age of Data? Register for this episode of The Briefing Room to find out!

Host Eric Kavanagh will explain why the dynamics of today’s Information Economy call for a comprehensive data orchestration strategy. He’ll be joined by Erez Alsheich, VP of Product for Equalum, who will demonstrate how his company’s platform solves for the most challenging aspects of modern data management. He’ll show how Equalum leverages Change Data Capture technology at-scale, to facilitate end-to-end data ingestion, real-time integration, and synchronization across a wide spectrum of sources and targets — all via a low-code/no-code user interface.