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Eric Kavanagh

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Eric Kavanagh

A New Deal – Aqueducts Across America

Harnessing the Mississippi River for the Hearltand and Beyond by Eric Kavanagh Old Man River just keeps on rolling. Every year, the Mississippi rises. The dividing line of our Continental United States swells each Spring with the currents of North American tributaries large and small. In a world of remarkable unpredictability, of this one perennial …Read More

Eric Kavanagh

How ‘Artificial’ Is Artificial Intelligence?

Will smart robots take all our jobs by 2020? That’s highly unlikely, but some controversial figures like Elon Musk seem to wax philosophical on this topic. One area of concern is so-called Artificial Intelligence, which is actually a software discipline with decades of work under its belt. Where does AI stand today, and what does …Read More

Eric Kavanagh

The Marketer’s Mantra — Data-Driven Decisions

Legendary American merchant John Wanamaker once quipped: “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don’t know which half.” That was then; and this is now! These days, smart advertisers know exactly which campaigns get the job done. The challenge revolves around data collection, processing and analysis. Check out this …Read More

Now Streaming: Real-TIme Data Wrangling

No time like the present! With the information economy in full swing, many organizations are realizing the value of immediate insights and rapid-fire decision-making. That's the world of streaming analytics, which can now be fueled by real-time data wrangling. Check out this inaugural episode of Now Streaming to learn from Analyst Eric Kavanagh of The Bloor ...