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Eric Kavanagh

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Eric Kavanagh

A New Deal – Aqueducts Across America

Harnessing the Mississippi River for the Hearltand and Beyond by Eric Kavanagh Old Man River just keeps on rolling. Every year, the Mississippi rises. The dividing line of our Continental United States swells each Spring with the currents of North American tributaries large and small. In a world of remarkable unpredictability, of this one perennial …Read More

Who Owns the Data? Don’t Get Surprised

Everyone wants more data these days -- to generate revenue, gain competitive advantage, improve efficiency, or achieve any number of other objectives. But as the importance of data governance grows, and organizations realize the need to take data strategy more seriously, there is one question that remains largely unanswered: Who owns the data? Register for ...
Eric Kavanagh

Game Changed: New Possibilities with Artificial Intelligence

World-famous luminary William Gibson once quipped: “The future is here already; it’s just not evenly distributed.” He may well have been thinking about artificial intelligence (AI), a long-maturing field of software development that has recently gone exponential with the value it provides. Indeed, AI now pervades the world of big business, and is kickstarting new …Read More

Bloor Group and Eckerson Group Announce Strategic Partnership

Bloor Group and Eckerson Group have established a partnership to bring high-quality research, content, and new media expertise to solutions providers in the data analytics market and beyond. The partnership agreement covers content exchange and promotion, joint sales and marketing initiatives, and the creation of two new Webcast series that will help data analytics vendors …Read More