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Eric Kavanagh

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Eric Kavanagh

A New Deal – Aqueducts Across America

Harnessing the Mississippi River for the Hearltand and Beyond by Eric Kavanagh Old Man River just keeps on rolling. Every year, the Mississippi rises. The dividing line of our Continental United States swells each Spring with the currents of North American tributaries large and small. In a world of remarkable unpredictability, of this one perennial …Read More

Line of Sight — How Catalogs Enable Digital Innovation

Seeing is believing, and that's especially true in today's world of far-flung enterprise data. Critical information assets are being spread across an ever-expanding array of on-prem and Cloud environments -- including Google, Microsoft, SAP, Amazon, IBM, Oracle, Salesforce and others. This creates a very significant challenge: How to manage this dynamic new reality? Check out ...
Eric Kavanagh

Artifice No More: A New Intelligence Emerges

Red-eyed robots notwithstanding, the power of artificial intelligence holds just about every facet of business in its crosshairs. There’s not a segment of the commercial world that will go unaffected. At the moment, AI is tackling countless mundane processes, enabling workers to spend their time on quality projects. In the near future? The impacts will …Read More

Will AI Eliminate Reports and Dashboards?

Synthesis Webcast with Eric Kavanagh and Eckerson Group Artificial intelligence (AI) is making inroads into every imaginable product and service, including data analytics which spawned it. Vendors are now racing to implement AI capabilities, including natural language queries, automated insights, natural language generation, intelligent data preparation, and auto-visualizations. The question now is how AI will reshape ...