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Eric Kavanagh

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Eric Kavanagh

A New Deal – Aqueducts Across America

Harnessing the Mississippi River for the Hearltand and Beyond by Eric Kavanagh Old Man River just keeps on rolling. Every year, the Mississippi rises. The dividing line of our Continental United States swells each Spring with the currents of North American tributaries large and small. In a world of remarkable unpredictability, of this one perennial …Read More

Adam White

Welcome to The Enterprise

The Enterprise is InsideAnalysis’s latest weekly talk show hosted by award-winning interviewer & journalist, Eric Kavanagh. Each week we interview the top minds of leading enterprise software companies and take a closer look at the major trends in modern business. Each episode, we explore the innovative ideas that are reshaping commerce as we know it. Learn …Read More

Reinventing Business Intelligence From the Ground Up

The modern world of data won't fit into a lake, let alone a warehouse. Valuable data sources have proliferated to the point where the concept of a centralized repository for all enterprise data no longer makes much sense. The key today is visibility into -- and across -- vast data sets; combined with the ability ...
Adam White

Interviews from Strata 2018

The growth of cloud computing has raised the bar of innovation across the board and transcends industries. Computer hardware improvements are pacing the growth of cloud computing, data centres & cloud storage. Traditional big data companies are leveraging this newer technology with in-memory & SSD Databases. Business intelligence and analytics companies have never had it …Read More