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Eric Kavanagh

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Eric Kavanagh

A New Deal – Aqueducts Across America

Harnessing the Mississippi River for the Hearltand and Beyond by Eric Kavanagh Old Man River just keeps on rolling. Every year, the Mississippi rises. The dividing line of our Continental United States swells each Spring with the currents of North American tributaries large and small. In a world of remarkable unpredictability, of this one perennial …Read More

Eric Kavanagh

Inside Open-Source: The Revolution Continues

Nearly 27 years ago, Linus Torvalds threw down the gauntlet and began a journey that continues to transform and fundamentally shape the software world. By releasing his open-source operating system, Linux, he set in motion a remarkable movement that now stretches across the entire landscape of modern computing. Find out the latest by checking out …Read More

Knowledge And Power: Next-Gen Graph Tech Surges

Popularized by Facebook, Google and LinkedIn, graph technology now enjoys widespread recognition in the field of data analytics and discovery. Unlike relational or column-store databases, graph solutions are optimized for understanding relationships between entities, which greatly facilitates the analysis of vast data sets. In an increasingly connected world, this kind of technology holds tremendous promise ...
Adam White

Open Source Innovators

The Guests Include Justin Reock, Rogue Wave; Kris Nova, Heptio; Tague Griffith, Redis Labs. About the Discussion Open Source Software has enabled innovation in leaps and bounds in enterprise software and changed the way companies design, deploy, maintain and use software. Our host, Eric Kavanagh, is fond of saying, “bad code goes away” and this is …Read More