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IA on AI: Voice Authentication

Tune in and listen to InsideAnalysis’s year long series on Artificial Intelligence. Our first AI show in February is with Paul Heirendt of Trade Harbor. Trade Harbor uses AI and Machine Learning for Voice authentication. One can see the obvious benefits of using using a combination of voice, retinal scan, fingerprint, gait, facial recognition for …Read More

Smarter Connectivity for The Data-Driven Enterprise

In many organisations today, data complexity is rapidly on the increase. This is happening both in the area of operational and analytical systems.  In the area of operational systems, on-line transaction processing (OLTP) systems are now on the cloud and on-premises with data flowing between them as business processes like order-to-cash and procure-to-pay now execute …Read More

State of The Enterprise

Once a year our President, Eric Kavanagh, updates us on The State of the Enterprise and he assures us the enterprise is strong and growing thanks to the power of the Cloud and Big Data. Eric Kavanagh interviews Tendu Yogurtcu of Syncsort about the state of today’s enterprise and how Syncsort provides specialized solutions to …Read More

SAP Cloud Platform is the Business Cloud Platform

Guest: Dan Lahl, SAP. Today’s Cloud Computing infrastructure is completely changing enterprise software and providing companies big and small with new insights into every aspect of their businesses from supply to production, from HR to Payroll, from purchasing to inventory. Thanks to Cloud Infrastructure provided by companies like Amazon, Google & Microsoft, The Great Cloud Migration is …Read More

Data Preparation in a Self-Service World

Serve yourself! That’s the mantra for many data management practices in this burgeoning Information Economy. Once viewed as a task performed by a few insiders in large organizations, the process of preparing data for analysis has now been embraced on the front lines. Forward-looking organizations are empowering their people to find, curate and deliver enterprise …Read More

Customer Consent and Preference Management

You’ve likely heard about the right to be forgotten, a key construct of the European Union’s recently implemented General Data Protection Regulation. But what about the right to be respected? Customer experience has become a critical success factor in today’s business world: the companies that demonstrate their respect for customer preferences have the upper hand. …Read More

ZendCon & The OpenEnterprise

Arturo Suarez, Enrico Zimuel, Curtis Johnson & Larry Garfield were interviewed by Eric Kavanagh, the tireless Host of InsideAnalysis and DM Radio. InsideAnalysis was proud to be a sponsor at ZendCon & OpenEnterprise 2018 in Las Vegas, NV last month. Eric Kavanagh, interviewed some of the brightest minds & innovators in Open Source and PHP. A few …Read More

Open Source Innovators

Part 1 Guests Include Justin Reock, Rogue Wave; Kris Nova, Heptio; Tague Griffith, Redis Labs. Part 2 Guests include: Ken Drachnik, Sauce Labs; Mike Travino, Decred; Steve Lemke, LG Electronics; Individual Interviews from OSCON Faisal Abid, About the Discussion Open Source Software has enabled innovation in leaps and bounds in enterprise software and changed the …Read More