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Click Here to Listen! Broadcast Date: September 21th, 2020, 3 ET Economists specialize in causal influence models. So notes Amarita Natt, PhD. But how have they changed in the #COVID19 era? Good question, and one that we posed to her on #InsideAnalysis! We — which means Danielle Oberdier of Dikayo Data and Eric Kavanagh, usual host — also interviewed the engaging Amada …Read More

The Nature of Work: A New Day Dawns

Broadcast Date: September 14th, 2020 Click Here to Listen! Things have changed! The sweeping impact of the coronavirus turned much of the business world inside-out. Millions of workers suddenly emraced their homes for work, while managers the world over scrambled to reinvent their business processes. As a result, conversations about the “future of work” must …Read More

Continuous Action: The New Worlds of Lending and Auditing

Time was, a business would only consult with a banker every so often, usually when applying for a loan. And who enjoys doing that? Historically, the process was driven by predetermined calculations, like the ratio of cash-flow to payments. The auditing business was similiary seasonal: tax season approaching? Time to call the accountants! But all …Read More

The Lone Hacker is a Thing of the Past

Our current workforce offers 3.5 million opportunities for security professionals and yet businesses themselves don’t know how to be secure. This leaves an undeniable disconnect between companies and their customers that employees are expected to mitigate with little to no guidance.  On August 3, 2020, Sidd Gavirneni, CEO and Co-Founder of Zeguro and Andre Ferraz, …Read More

Emerging Topics in AI and Cybersecurity

by Paul Lipman, CEO at BullGuard The volume and sophistication of cyber threats continues to escalate. Traditional approaches to threat detection — such as signature databases that identify malicious files by comparing them to a database of “known bad” files and behavioral heuristics, which ascertain malicious intent by evaluating behavior against a defined rule set …Read More