Inside Analysis

Open Source, Open Culture

The kids entering the workforce today could be called the Cloud Generation or the Open Source Generation. Nearly every aspect of corporate, government and educational enterprise software designed today either uses open source or evolved from open source coding and is designed to run in a cloud or hybrid cloud environment. Isaac Newton in 1675 …Read More

A Quick History of #OpenSource

Now entering its fourth decade of innovation, opensource software continues to transform the world of business. Once considered the work of hobbyists, this now-pervasive paradigm has since conquered the enterprise in deep and meaningful ways. In fact, Linux now reigns supreme over all other operating systems for industrial-grade enterprise solutions. But Linux was just the …Read More

Query This – Fast Data

In this episode of InsideAnalysis, Eric Kavanagh and Dr. Robin Bloor discuss Fast Data with Chris Lawless of HVR. Data has been around since the ancient Mesopotamians began keeping track of their crop yields 7000 years ago. Throughout the ages, we have figured out ways to keep track of more & more data for analytical …Read More

Interviews from the 2019 MLOps Conference

Interviews from the 2019 MLOps Conference. Industry leaders share their experiences with Machine Learning which involve running experiments at scale, versioning, delivery to production, reproducibility and data access. Click on the individual interview you wish to hear. Asaf Somekh, Iguazio Brian Bulkowski, Yellowbrick Itamar Ankorian, Attunity John DesJardins, Hazelcast Josh Poduska, Domino Data Labs Jorg …Read More