Inside Analysis

AI and the Future of Data-Driven Business

The ongoing narrative about Artificial Intelligence taking away jobs from humans is, to say the least, overplayed. Like any other technology, AI will augment current business processes. In fact, the companies that leverage it will surely surpass their competitors, and for all kinds of reasons: efficiency, transparency, visibility, and… morale! Check out this episode of …Read More

Acquired Tastes: Consolidation in the Data Biz

Most data analysts expected some consolidation in 2019, but… whoa! Who would have thought we’d see all that?! Google bought Looker; Salesforce bought Tableau; Qlik bought Attunity; IDERA bought Wherescape. What does this all mean? Check out this episode of QueryThis to find out! Host @eric_kavanagh will interview several experts, including Anthony Brooks-Williams of HVR …Read More