Missed Oscon 2019?! We are ready to share the most important topics of the conference. Take a minute to listen to these informative and exciting quick interviews with representatives of the leading companies.

Check out the interview with Viday Subramanian from Codefresh with Evren Sel Cakir.

Richard Moot and Bobbilee Hartman from Square discuss its new product, that they have been building for the last 3 years with Evren Sel Cakir.

Hear Evren Sel Cakir talking about using open sources in applications with Luis Villa of Tidelift.

Find out more about Expensify’s user-friendly application that helps you to manage your expenses in this quick interview with Joanie Wang by Evren Sel Cakir.

Derek Ross from SauceLabs talks to Evren Sel Cakir of InsideAnalysis about challenges and solutions in infrastructure maintenance.

Find out more about new in-memory computing platform from Dale Kim of Hazelcast.

Evren Sel Cakir and David Boone talk to Anais Dotis about Influxdata – an opensource time-series database and monitoring platform.

Hear Aaron Aldrich of Elastic talk to the InsideAnalysis team about some of the company’s successful projects.