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Partners in Cloud: How Consultants Enable Transformation

In the Information Economy, partnership is critical. With business functionality available to anyone via increasingly vast cloud-based resources, the key to success is execution: getting things done! That’s why working with partners can make all the difference in the world as companies look to digitally transform. Check out this episode of QueryThis to hear InsideAnalysis …Read More

IA Radio Road Show: Looker & Nimbl on a Roll

Searching for some tech companies on a roll? Look no further than Looker and Nimbl! The former recently wrapped up their JOIN Conference in San Francisco, where InsideAnalysis Host @eric_kavanagh interviewed their VP of Marketing, Pedro Arellano; along with Chris Vendermeer and Tyler Dewal of PathFactory, one of their many clients. While the latter is …Read More

DevOps for Big Data – Database Trends and Applications

By Ashley Lipman For years, businesses around the world have used big data to track things like consumer behaviors and market trends. Utilizing the power of data allows a business to create a competitive edge. Considering that daily Internet users generate around 2.5 quintillion bytes, harvesting and utilizing this information can be difficult. Rather than collecting …Read More

A Quick History of #OpenSource

Now entering its fourth decade of innovation, opensource software continues to transform the world of business. Once considered the work of hobbyists, this now-pervasive paradigm has since conquered the enterprise in deep and meaningful ways. In fact, Linux now reigns supreme over all other operating systems for industrial-grade enterprise solutions. But Linux was just the …Read More