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The New Possible: A Renaissance for SaaS

What happens when the cost of doing business drops significantly? Whole new business models are possible! That’s happening right now thanks to a host of innovations in cloud computing. Bandwidth has increased substantially, and the price-performance of cloud storage has improved by an order of magnitude. The end result? Business is booming in the cloud! …Read More

Hybrid Cloud: The Future Is Here

With cloud computing now fully mature, many organizations are wondering how they’ll manage to migrate from on-prem data centers. Hybrid cloud is certainly the answer, but the devil is always in the details. Companies that recognize the tremendous value-add of cloud-based services are already engaged in the big migration. But many companies are still in …Read More

Connected Cars? How About Connected Everything?

Over the past quarter century, the Internet has arguably become the most pervasive manmade force in world history. In just the last few years, Web-based connectivity has revolutionized everything from home energy use to interstellar travel. From connected cars to connected refrigerators, this movement has been dubbed the Internet of Things. Thousands of companies are …Read More