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Is Cloud the de facto Data Lake?

First came the data warehouse, then the data lake. Open-source upstarts Cloudera and Hortonworks jumped on the data lake concept quickly, touting their mastery of Apache Hadoop as key to their ability to effectively build and maintain data lakes that provide business value. But a funny thing happened on the way to the digital forum: …Read More

Modern Data Warehousing

What, exactly, is a modern data warehouse? How does it differ from a “traditional” data warehouse? Price? Performance? Architecture? Cloud-based? We’ll discuss this and so much more on this episode of #InsideAnaysis! Host @eric_kavanagh will interview several expert guests on live radio via WFOY in Jacksonville; with replay on WCGO in Chicago. Guests include Neil …Read More

The Modern Enterprise: A World of Difference

The modern enterprise has arrived. Agile, proactive and contextually aware, this cutting-edge organization takes advantage of the many recent innovations that have redefined the business world. Analytics, big data and cloud computing have coalesced to digitally transform practically every business process. And thanks to the remarkable power of in-memory computing, forward-looking companies can operate in …Read More

Attack of the Drones! Why Benefits Outweigh Risks

If you haven’t heard about the proliferation of drones, you’ve likely been hiding under a rock for a few years. Drones are literally revolutionizing entire industries. From agriculture to the military, survey work to environmental research, drones are providing tremendous functionality that expedite sometimes very dangerous processes, and thus deliver remarkable value. Oh, and as …Read More