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Big Data: Beauty and the Beast

One thing’s for sure in the world of Big Data: it’s big! That goes for the benefits and the troubles. The companies that succeed in using this natural resource effectively are the ones that think strategically, then tactically about what, specifically, they want to accomplish. Common sense and a sense of focus are key. How …Read More

All Roads Lead to Cloud

Like the Roman Empire, Cloud Computing pervades. In today’s business world, the Cloud surrounds practically every industry, touching every aspect of commerce, from supply chain to analytics, bookkeeping to sales, management to marketing. The concept of Hybrid Cloud promises to bridge the gap between traditional data centers and the new reality of computing. How can …Read More

Opening Salvo: A New Era of Business Dawns

The information economy has arrived. All around the world, companies are leveraging the power of data to invent new offerings, carve out new niches, and in some cases, upend entire industries. Consider Uber and Airbnb. Both of those organizations have disrupted long-standing, profitable industries: taxis and hotels. Both did so by using the power of …Read More

The Nature of Database Agility

The word “agile,” marched into the IT vocabulary in 2001 when a small band of software developers wrote and published The Manifesto for Agile Software Development, hoping thereby to increase the quality and speed of software development. The initiative had legs and thus the term “agile” was soon kidnapped by marketers, and we began to …Read More

Rethinking Database TCO

How much do we need to care about database costs? The database is little more than a cupboard that you throw data into and aren’t all databases nowadays just more of the same? Don’t they cost pretty much the same no matter which you choose? In reality, costs vary considerably, and the choice is broad. …Read More

The Brave New Browser

OK, I’ll admit it, the Brave browser is not new, its nearly a year old. But it’s relatively new. Here’s the thing: surely only a crazy person would want to launch a brand new browser. The browser market is saturated with products (Chrome, Safari, MS Edge, Firefox and Opera), all of which have loyal customers …Read More