Inside Analysis

Who, What, Why and How? The New World of Marketing

The more things change, the harder marketers tend to work! That’s especially true these days, as the MarTech 7,000 takes the business world by storm. Yes, that’s 7,000 cloud-based solutions now available for optimizing aspects of sales and marketing automation. Across all these new and evolving solutions, one thing’s for sure: data is the cornerstone. …Read More

EDXL in Emergency Healthcare Data Exchange: Saving Precious Seconds in the ‘Golden Hour’

By Rex Brooks The Emergency Data Exchange Language (EDXL) from the Emergency Management Technical Committee (EM TC) of the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS) can play a critical role in making the most of the ‘Golden Hour’ for patients injured in emergency situations. The ‘Golden Hour’— also known as golden time  — refers …Read More

AI & Machine Learning & Data Science

In today’s episode of Inside Analysis, Eric Kavanagh interviews Asaf Somekh, founder and CEO of Iguazio about the inspiration behind Iguazio and the need to streamline Data Science applications. Somekh refers to “The Luxury of the Tech Giants” when discussing the complexity in their AI and Machine Learning tools, technologies and even standardization which leaves …Read More