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The Right to be Respected: Data Catalogs and Governance are Key

Guest will be Maria Villar from SAP. There’s a new sheriff in town, and the rules are getting more strict. With the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and the Chinese Personal Information Security Specification now in effect, compounded by individual states taking stricter stances like the recently adopted California Consumer Privacy Act, organizations must …Read More

Open Source Innovators

The Guests Include Justin Reock, Rogue Wave; Kris Nova, Heptio; Tague Griffith, Redis Labs. About the Discussion Open Source Software has enabled innovation in leaps and bounds in enterprise software and changed the way companies design, deploy, maintain and use software. Our host, Eric Kavanagh, is fond of saying, “bad code goes away” and this is …Read More

Performance Is A Shape

Bottlenecks and compatibility between software and operating systems and the massive amounts of data collected in today’s serverless applications can cause serious concerns at scale. High performance saves money with every second saved. However, getting a handle on this complexity can be the difference between success and failure.   Listen to Eric Kavanagh interview Ben Sigelman …Read More

Fast and Flexible: Interactive BI Arrives

Based on an Inside Analysis webinar sponsored by Dremio “Fast and Flexible: Interactive BI Arrives” Written by Lindsay Conger with Deidre Hudson “Then the Data Lake Evaporated into the Cloud” The cloud has emerged as a tremendous resource not only for storing data but for analyzing data. As an extension, the Multicloud environment is the …Read More

Multi-Cloud Management: The New Normal

The old normal is now gone. The new normal is multifaceted, multivariate, and most of all: multi-cloud! Amazon, IBM, Microsoft, Rackspace, and even SAP are all touting their cloud platforms. What’s the enterprise to do? Check out this episode of InsideAnalysis to find out! Host @eric_kavanagh will interview David Linthicum of Deloitte, plus Eric Wright …Read More

Welcome to the Machine Learning Paradigm

The machines just keep learning. From smartphones to self-driving cars, the universe of intelligent mechanization keeps on rolling. We may be a long way off from the so-called “Singularity” – but the power embedded in today’s most innovative machinery genuinely boggles the mind. What’s the latest, and where is all of this going? Check out …Read More

Data Ops: Closing the Loop on DevOps

Software development in the enterprise took a major leap forward in the last few years, as the concept of DevOps took the industry by storm. Developers started working directly with operations personnel, and the speed of innovation took a sharp turn for the better. In some ways, the vector of this change actually outpaced the …Read More