Inside Analysis

All Together Now: How to Synthesize in the Information Economy

Whether for data or functionality, organizations need to synthesize these days. Information architectures are incredibly heterogeneous, both in terms of the data used to run business, and the applications that get the job done. Check out this episode of InsideAnalysis to hear host @eric_kavanagh interview several experts, including Ashish Aggarwal of Productiv, Steve Grewal of …Read More

A Buyer’s Market? B2B Selling in the Digital Age

Click Here to Listen! Buyers make the business world go ’round. They’re the ones who channel money this way and that, helping sellers survive or thrive, even in a market like today’s. But business-to-business selling is undergoing massive changes. That was the case before #COVID19, and is being accelerated by this stunning pandemic. What can …Read More

Supply and Demand: How #Covid19 and Tariffs Change the Game

It’s not like they weren’t warned! Suppliers and procurement professionals all throughout the United States — and the world — were openly challenged to rethink industry norms long before the Coronavirus reared its ugly RNA. The threat of tariffs, and very stiff ones at that, should have served as ample indication that business-as-usual needed to …Read More