Inside Analysis

The Ethics of Data

Time was, anyone could do just about anything with their data… or yours! But those days are gone. With the General Data Protection Regulation now well underway, and the California Consumer Privacy Act also in effect, companies the world over need to mind their Ps and Qs, data-wise. Check out this episode of InsideAnalysis to …Read More

Testing at scale: Digital Excellence

Digital transformation has been happening across the world for the last few decades as the traditional brick and mortar companies move from doing business face to face to having a virtual presence. Now, most companies offer their products and services online. The average consumer has had an online experience with one of the larger online …Read More

Who’s Gonna Lie, Who’s Gonna Die

Dr. Eric Siegiel, founder of Predictive Analytics World, discusses Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning with our very own, Eric Kavanagh, during the 1st segment of today’s InsideAnalysis. Analytics has always been a part of business but decades past analytics is to a Ford Model T what today’s Analytics is to a Tesla model 3. Thanks …Read More

The Evolution of Natural Language Processing

Just as Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks, and Deep Learning have been around for a while, so has Natural Language Processing. However, it was the evolution of cloud computing & storage that allowed these technologies to reach their potential. A decade ago, only a handful of companies possessed the computing power that is now available to …Read More

The Customer Is Continuously Right

We’ve all heard that mantra: “The customer is always right.” That’s still true today, but perhaps even more so than ever before, in part because customers can leave brands at any moment, with only the touch of a finger. That’s the reality that today’s brands must face. Moreover, how customers interact with brands has changed …Read More

The Evolving Enterprise

There have been significant changes in computer hardware and software over the last decade that have completely changed the enterprise computing environment. The most obvious change is the Cloud and the subsequent migration to the Cloud from on-premise. The Cloud provides accelerated computing via parallel processing, optimized storage & optimized memory capable of running large …Read More

GDPR & Security on the Cloud

Cloud computing and storage has changed enterprise computing and business in general. As companies move from on-prem computing to the cloud, security and GDPR is a serious concern. On today’s InsideAnalysis, Eric Kavanagh discusses these issues with Katrin Lehman, SVP/ Cloud Data Management at SAP and Volker Haentjes, SAP Sr Director. Click Here to Listen

How big a deal is Kubernetes?

Dan Garfield of Codefresh on InsideAnalysis 3/25/2019 How big a deal is Kubernetes? Well, when SAP builds an entire solution on top of it (SAP Data Hub) and a company like MapR rearchitects its entire platform on top of it, those are two powerful signals that Google’s open-source project is the real deal. In this …Read More