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ZendCon & The OpenEnterprise

Arturo Suarez, Enrico Zimuel, Curtis Johnson & Larry Garfield were interviewed by Eric Kavanagh, the tireless Host of InsideAnalysis and DM Radio. InsideAnalysis was proud to be a sponsor at ZendCon & OpenEnterprise 2018 in Las Vegas, NV last month. Eric Kavanagh, interviewed some of the brightest minds & innovators in Open Source and PHP. A few …Read More

Open Source Innovators

Part 1 Guests Include Justin Reock, Rogue Wave; Kris Nova, Heptio; Tague Griffith, Redis Labs. Part 2 Guests include: Ken Drachnik, Sauce Labs; Mike Travino, Decred; Steve Lemke, LG Electronics; Individual Interviews from OSCON Faisal Abid, About the Discussion Open Source Software has enabled innovation in leaps and bounds in enterprise software and changed the …Read More

Welcome to The Enterprise

The Enterprise is InsideAnalysis’s latest weekly talk show hosted by award-winning interviewer & journalist, Eric Kavanagh. Each week we interview the top minds of leading enterprise software companies and take a closer look at the major trends in modern business. Each episode, we explore the innovative ideas that are reshaping commerce as we know it. Learn …Read More

Open the Data Closets: Time to Clean House

Legacy systems and old data: these artifacts pose serious challenges for the modern enterprise. How can companies reconcile the past with the present, and prepare for the future? Check out this episode of InsideAnalysis to find out! Host @eric_kavanagh will interview Dr. Geoffrey Malafsky, new Data Scientist in Residence at InsideAnalysis, and Justin Reock, Evangelist …Read More

Interviews from Strata 2018

The growth of cloud computing has raised the bar of innovation across the board and transcends industries. Computer hardware improvements are pacing the growth of cloud computing, data centres & cloud storage. Traditional big data companies are leveraging this newer technology with in-memory & SSD Databases. Business intelligence and analytics companies have never had it …Read More

Who Owns the Data? Part II

Guests for Who Owns the Data: Erin Haselkorn and Kevin McCarthy. For the last few decades, organizations worldwide have increasingly recognized the remarkable power of data. Data warehouses became common in the 1990s, followed by sophisticated business intelligence applications. Today, data lakes represent another attractive option for companies looking to harness their data at-scale. But …Read More