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Welcome to the Machine Learning Paradigm

The machines just keep learning. From smartphones to self-driving cars, the universe of intelligent mechanization keeps on rolling. We may be a long way off from the so-called “Singularity” – but the power embedded in today’s most innovative machinery genuinely boggles the mind. What’s the latest, and where is all of this going? Check out …Read More

Data Ops: Closing the Loop on DevOps

Software development in the enterprise took a major leap forward in the last few years, as the concept of DevOps took the industry by storm. Developers started working directly with operations personnel, and the speed of innovation took a sharp turn for the better. In some ways, the vector of this change actually outpaced the …Read More

Who Owns the Data?

Based on an InsideAnalysis webinar sponsored by Experian “Who Owns the Data? Don’t Get Surprised.” When we say “data”, a lot of topics come to mind, like big data, analytics, data governance, data quality, machine learning, IoT and artificial intelligence, just to name a few. However, an interesting question related to these disciplines that one …Read More

Industrial Cloud Computing Is Here

The cloud made its first presence known in the 1990s, but that was a long time ago, and far far away in terms of functionality. Companies like AOL, Excite and Yahoo! all offered basic services like email, and groups. Today, the power of cloud computing is genuinely mind-blowing. What do industrial-strength cloud service providers offer? …Read More

Is Cloud the de facto Data Lake?

First came the data warehouse, then the data lake. Open-source upstarts Cloudera and Hortonworks jumped on the data lake concept quickly, touting their mastery of Apache Hadoop as key to their ability to effectively build and maintain data lakes that provide business value. But a funny thing happened on the way to the digital forum: …Read More