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Continuous Action: The New Worlds of Lending and Auditing

Time was, a business would only consult with a banker every so often, usually when applying for a loan. And who enjoys doing that? Historically, the process was driven by predetermined calculations, like the ratio of cash-flow to payments. The auditing business was similiary seasonal: tax season approaching? Time to call the accountants! But all that is changing in this new, data-driven world. Find out how in this episode of InsideAnalysis, featuring Keren Moynihan of Boss Insights, and Robin Gossett of

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Eric Kavanagh
The Strategic CDO – Syndicated Radio Host

Career media professional who designs and manages an array of Web-based research and media products, including: The Briefing Room, World Matters, Hot Technologies; as well as DM Radio & InsideAnalysis which are both now broadcast coast-to-coast in 25+ markets, reaching upwards of 1 million listeners per episode.


Keren Moynihan
CEO & Co-Founder of Boss Insights

Awarded Top 25 Executive Leaders in Lending, Boss Insights’ Universal API Platform facilitates the flow of capital from lenders who have it to business borrowers who need it. Boss Insights provides 360⁰ insights on business borrowers, streamlines the lending journey, and empowers lenders with digital lending functionality in 8 weeks. We open the door to customer arbitrage, deposits and other revenue generation opportunities.

Robin Grosset
Chief Technology Officer at

Robin has a track record as an entrepreneur, having founded successful software start-ups. He joined Cognos and then IBM through acquisitions. In 2012, he was appointed an IBM Distinguished Engineer. At IBM, he was a part of the Watson group, where he served as technical lead and chief architect of IBM Watson Analytics. Robin holds many patents in the areas of analytics, data processing and security.

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