Inside Analysis

A Database for the Internet of Things?

There’s no question that Big Data is testing the limits of traditional data management tools. Optimizing a RDBMS to deal with increasing application scale can pose serious distributed-systems challenges. Sharding a relational database and consolidating relations into fewer discrete tables to deal with bigger scale is a sign that a document-oriented database might be a better solution.

Register for this episode of The Briefing Room to hear veteran Analyst Robin Bloor as he explains the impending need for scale in today’s database environment. He will be briefed by Cloudant Chief Scientist Mike Miller, who will show how to denormalize data into documents for better data management across distributed infrastructure. He’ll provide examples of denormalized data models using Cloudant’s NoSQL database service and will show how to recognize when tools like MongoDB, IBM® Cloudant, Apache CouchDB™, and others are the right tools for the job.