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Will AI Eliminate Reports and Dashboards?

Synthesis Webcast with Eric Kavanagh and Eckerson Group

Artificial intelligence (AI) is making inroads into every imaginable product and service, including data analytics which spawned it. Vendors are now racing to implement AI capabilities, including natural language queries, automated insights, natural language generation, intelligent data preparation, and auto-visualizations. The question now is how AI will reshape business intelligence (BI).

Will AI eliminate the need for traditional reports and dashboards or will it enhance those delivery methods, making them more, rather than less, valuable? Will AI generate right answers in response to spoken or written queries and automatically unearth related drivers and dimensions? Or will it simply augment reports and dashboards with additional insights once users are ready for them?

This webcast will discuss the pros and cons of AI for BI and give attendees a chance to hear a BI expert and a BI vendor weigh in on the topic.



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