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Who Owns the Data? Don’t Get Surprised

Everyone wants more data these days — to generate revenue, gain competitive advantage, improve efficiency, or achieve any number of other objectives. But as the importance of data governance grows, and organizations realize the need to take data strategy more seriously, there is one question that remains largely unanswered: Who owns the data?

Register for this special Webinar to hear data veteran Eric Kavanagh explain why understanding data ownership can play a central role in helping companies improve their information policies and practices. He’ll be joined by Erin Haselkorn of Experian, who will share key insights from a recent research program that sought to better understand the critical issues facing data managers today. Attendees will learn:

-Key considerations for hiring and retaining Chief Data Officers
-Standard policies for data ownership and structures
-Emerging roles and new ways of managing data
-How to effectively empower data talent


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