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What is a Modern Data Warehouse?

The traditional data warehouse was not designed to support the variety, volume, and velocity of data commonplace in the era of big data. Nor was it a great place for data scientists and other power users to explore data in an unfettered manner. These new requirements have freed the data warehouse to do what it does best, while at the same time, new technologies, including Hadoop, the cloud, and virtualization services, promise to shake the data warehouse from its traditional relational roots.

Using our point-counterpoint approach, a team of seasoned data experts will debate the shape and dimensions of the modern data warehouse and come to a consensus opinion. This Socratic approach will help you understand:

-How a data warehouse fits into a modern analytic ecosystem
-How to use Hadoop and/or the cloud to build a data warehouse
-Why some vendors say you no longer need to build a data warehouse
-How NoSQL, data virtualization, and algorithmic approaches are reinventing data warehousing architectures
-The future of data warehousing



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