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Tip of the Iceberg: Why GDPR Is Just the Beginning

Data may be the new oil, but that doesn’t mean the road ahead is free of trouble. Many analysts have predicted a perfect storm for 2018, with a confluence of forces putting pressure on information managers across all industries: the Global Data Protection Regulation passed by the EU, and Canada’s new Anti-Spam law, combined with increasingly sophisticated hacking techniques, have put data professionals on notice. The time has come to take data protection and privacy much more seriously.

Register for this episode of Hot Technologies to hear The Bloor Group explain why these data management challenges have reached a new level, and what organizations can do to protect their information assets. Also presenting will be IDERA Senior Product Manager Kim Brushaber, who will explain why companies need to prove to auditors that their sensitive data is kept secure from prying eyes. She’ll also demonstrate how companies can identify Personally Identifiable Information (PII) quickly and efficiently; and how to identify if a breach has occurred.



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