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Supply and Demand: Designing the Modern Data Stack

The Briefing Room with Looker and The Bloor Group

The push and pull of business dynamics often calls for new ways of doing things. So it is with data! Long a “push” model with small groups choosing which data and analysis the business got; we’re now in a “pull” period, as growing numbers of analysts seek to better understand complex, far-flung enterprises, often via self-service. Add to this the increasingly real-time nature of analytics, which requires a much different approach than traditional BI.

Success in this new world requires a modern data stack. Advanced data warehousing plays a role, but the landscape is much bigger now, with countless new sources, structured and unstructured. Register for this episode of The Briefing Room to hear Bloor Group CEO Eric Kavanagh explain why the optimal data strategy embraces the federated reality of today’s information economy. He’ll be joined by Bruno Aziza, who will give his take on why multi-cloud is important and why you need to modernize your data stack, and Joel McKelvey, who is leading the charge for Modernize Data Stack.


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