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Smart Analytics: Will Machine Learning Make BI Pervasive?

Most BI products now incorporate machine learning to automate manual tasks, such as blending data, crafting queries, generating dashboards, performing root cause analysis, conducting simulations, and finding related reports. Most also run imported predictive models and perform regressions out of the box.

The question is, does all this artificial intelligence make BI users more or less productive? Will it increase or decrease their analytical IQ as they become dependent on the machine for answers? Will users trust machine output to their own analysis or that of a trusted colleague? This webcast will explore these and other issues emanating from the new era of Smart Analytics.

What You Will Learn:
-Will AI enhance BI or create new problems?
-How will AI and machine learning change the way we use BI tools?
-Will AI turn business consumers into data analysts? And analysts into data scientists?
-What are the categories of Smart Analytics? Which will have the most impact?



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