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Sky’s the Limit: Architecting an Enterprise Data Fabric

Rome wasn’t built in a day, but its architects understood the need for long-term strategic planning. The same holds true for modern data architectures, which must durably span on-prem data centers and the ever-expanding array of cloud providers. That’s no small challenge in a world burgeoning with big data, vexed by global hackers, pressed by expanding regulations, and driven by the demands of both public and private companies in highly competitive markets.

Register for this inaugural episode of How Data Works to learn from Hortonworks VP of Marketing and Sales Scott Clinton, who will explain why smart information architecture must underpin the creation and management of an enterprise data fabric. He’ll be joined by Bloor Group CEO and DM Radio Host, Eric Kavanagh, who will share his insights on the critical importance of open-source software as the foundation for this next generation of enterprise computing.


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