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Modernizing Data Quality for the Era of Cloud & AI

Over the past few years, the revolution of technology for storing, processing and analyzing data has been staggering. Businesses now have the ability to work with data at a scale and speed that many of us would have never thought possible. So why are so many organizations still struggling to drive meaningful ROI from their analytics and AI investments? The answer starts with the quality of your data.

Poor management of the flow of data – raw, diverse, and frequently unstructured – can quickly turn analytics and AI initiatives into failures. As the saying goes: garbage in, garbage out. Without good data preparation technologies and practices optimized for data quality, AI and analytics investments fail to meet the necessary prerequisites for success. Productivity and satisfaction suffer because it’s too hard to get accurate data that’s appropriately structured for their specific project. Blending visual guidance and machine learning, Trifacta takes the pain out of the most important and time consuming aspect of Cloud and AI initiatives – managing data quality and data preparation.



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