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Knowledge And Power: Next-Gen Graph Tech Surges

Popularized by Facebook, Google and LinkedIn, graph technology now enjoys widespread recognition in the field of data analytics and discovery. Unlike relational or column-store databases, graph solutions are optimized for understanding relationships between entities, which greatly facilitates the analysis of vast data sets. In an increasingly connected world, this kind of technology holds tremendous promise for solving complex business challenges in real-time.

Register for this episode of The Briefing Room to hear Bloor Group CEO Eric Kavanagh explain how a wave of innovation in graph technology is reshaping the world of analytics at-scale. He’ll be joined by Gaurav Deshpande of TigerGraph, who will share details of his company’s technical architecture, which was designed from the ground up to provide unparalleled processing power. Fueled by computational capability on every node, TigerGraph has already notched record-breaking performance, including 256,000 fraud-detection transactions per second for Internet giant Alibaba.

He’ll also discuss other use cases for:
* Master data management at-scale, including in-depth Know Your Customer use cases
* Customer 360 across vast omni-channel scenarios
* FinTech that’s transforming near-prime and sub-prime credit market in US, China and Asia
* Government use cases, like California building a citizen 360 to detect fraud/abuse for multiple social benefit programs



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