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Is the Traditional Data Warehouse Dead?

There has been a steady drumbeat in some quarters that the venerable data warehouse is dead, even though it is a fixture at most organizations. Some insist it is too slow and cumbersome to support today’s fast-moving and data hungry organizations while others claim it’s still a critical piece of data infrastructure that companies can’t live without. Somewhere between these extremes lies the truth.

Using our point-counterpoint approach, a team of seasoned data experts will debate the fate of the data warehouse in the era of big data and the cloud and come to a consensus opinion. This Socratic approach will help you understand:

-What’s ailing the traditional data warehouse and what to do about it
-What parts of the data warehouse will never be replaced
-How is the data warehouse being reinvented for big data and the cloud
-Why organizations still can’t do without a data warehouse
-What a modern data warehouse looks like



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