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Is AI the New BI?

Thanks to artificial intelligence (AI), prediction and prescription are fast eclipsing description (i.e. business intelligence) as the most sought-after data deliverable. The question now is whether AI will replace BI or complement it. Is there a separate and distinct role for BI apart from AI? Or will the two disciplines merge into an AI-infused analytic application?

This webcast will track the emergence of AI and debate its role within the spectrum of analytic capabilities. It will discuss how BI and analytics vendors are ushering in the AI era by incorporating rules and machine learning into BI tools. The goal of AI-infused BI is to automate routine tasks, make self-service easier, and improve data literacy. However, once AI starts conducting the analysis through automated root cause analysis and recommended actions, the nature of BI might irrevocably change.

You Will Learn:

-What is AI and how it is transforming BI and analytics
-The role of AI inside BI, analytics, and data preparation tools
-The use of AI to automate analysis and recommendations
-How AI is enhancing data literacy



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