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Is a Data Catalog Critical to a Modern Data Pipeline?

Modern data pipelines are more complex than traditional data warehousing pipelines. They must support a multiplicity of data sources, data types, and use cases; they must be designed and deployed in an agile manner; they must support batch, mini-batch, and streaming data flows, and, they must meet service level agreements for data quality, availability, and consistency.

Many organizations are turning to data catalogs to support modern data pipelines. Data catalogs can automate the tagging and organization of ingested content and derived data sets, harmonize data flowing through multiple new and existing pipelines, support data curation processes, and enable business users to explore content for analysis. This Webinar will explore the role of data catalogs in managing modern data pipelines along with supplemental services.

You Will Learn:
– How organizations create, optimize, and manage data pipelines to support multiple use cases.
– The role of a data catalog in a modern data pipeline.
– How to leverage a data catalog to harmonize and curate data
– How organizations use data catalogs to facilitate governed data access and exploration



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