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Intellectual Capital: Measuring Tacit Knowledge

The knowledge economy is upon us. Fully 80% of companies today are considered knowledge-driven. Measuring and valuing knowledge as intellectual capital, however, is often considered a soft science. Balance sheets of organizations are cost-driven, providing a reflection of the past, but not necessarily of the present or the future. So how can companies quantify the tacit knowledge of their organization? Register for this special episode of Hot Technologies to find out! We will discuss:

-How Tacit knowledge can be turned into explicit knowledge
-The 4 forms of Intellectual Capital (Human, Customer, Structural, Alliance)
-A 10-step approach to turn knowledge into financial assets
-How knowledge and intellectual capital can be valued and put on a balance sheet according to accepted accounting principles

Plus, we will offer real life examples of Knowledge Discovery and Intellectual Capital valuation exercises at selected organizations, including large companies, the European Community and VC organizations. Finally, we will outline a proposal for a more detailed workshop on this subject.



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