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Hybrid Integration Platform: A Blueprint for Bridging On-Premises and Multi-Cloud Silos

Webinar with The Bloor Group and Informatica

Data and application integration are essential for business automation and digital transformation. But today’s complex IT landscapes inhibit integration with data and applications are spread across on-premises and multiple cloud platforms.

Many organizations have one foot on the ground and the other in the cloud with traditional applications on-premises and new modern applications spanning multiple clouds. A Hybrid Integration Platform addresses the data management challenges associated with business processes and enterprise analytics that must bridge between on-premises and multi-cloud application and data silos.

Join us to learn:
-The nature and the causes of modern integration difficulties
-The realities that shape the future of data and application management
-The risks and costs of data and application silos
-The concepts, capabilities, and architecture of a Hybrid Integration Platform (HIP)
-Tips and recommendations for adopting HIP



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