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Fueling the Modern Data Warehouse

As the information economy plows forward, successful organizations are harnessing many more sources of increasingly diverse data. The new center of gravity is cloud, with thousands of web-based applications providing highly focused business value, and generating useful data in the process. As such, the modern data warehouse has evolved dramatically: it’s faster, more dynamic, and requires a much more agile solution for ingesting data at-scale.

Register for this episode of Synthesis to hear Bloor Group CEO Eric Kavanagh examine the evolving role of data in a cloud-enabled world. He’ll be joined by Dewayne Washington of Eckerson Group who will outline ways to accelerate the design and deployment of modern data solutions. And Taylor Brown will demonstrate how Fivetran provides the backbone of the modern data warehouse, enabling companies to leverage all their business data sources, from on-prem databases to cloud storage buckets to the growing number of SaaS applications.



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