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From Metadata Muddle to Metadata Magic: A Big Step for BI Modernization

Modernizing data management is on everyone’s mind today. Making the shift from data management practices of the BI era to modern data management is essential but it is also challenging. Whether you’re updating the back end by migrating your data warehouses to the cloud or advancing the front end with a shift from legacy BI tools to self-service analysis and visualization, it is critical to know the data that you have and to understand data lineage. Data inventory, data glossary, and data lineage are all metadata dependent. But legacy BI metadata is typically proprietary, non-integrated, and collected inconsistently by a variety of disparate tools. The metadata muddle is a serious inhibitor to modernization efforts. Metadata consolidation and centralization are the keys to overcoming this barrier. What if all this were automated?

Join us to learn:
– How a smart and innovative new technology resolves metadata disparity
– How metadata management automation accelerates modernization efforts
– How metadata management automation reduces errors and improves quality of results from data management modernization projects
– How metadata management automation and data cataloging work together to help you move rapidly to the next generation of BI and analytics



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