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Delivering on the Promise: Business Value from Data Lakes

The next revolution has begun. Businesses everywhere have tasted the value of analytics, and there’s no turning back. And while data lakes have hit some hurdles, that has mostly resulted from non-technical users not having the tools they need to effectively navigate these massive repositories. That’s now changing, as a new wave of technology enables visual analysis and discovery of nearly any type of data, structured or unstructured, static or streaming.

Register for this episode of Hot Technologies to hear veteran Analyst Wayne Eckerson explain why this new wave of analytical technology offers great promise. He’ll be joined by Steve Wooledge of Arcadia Data, who will showcase his company’s BI and visual analytics platform, designed to run natively within data lakes. He’ll share success stories from major corporations such as P&G and Kaiser Permanente, who are leading the charge for this next era of analytics.


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