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Data Virtualization 2.0 – An End to ETL Madness

Many great ideas arrive before their time. But wait long enough, and the tumblers will align. That’s the case with data virtualization, the practice of provisioning data in unconventional ways. Now nearing its 20th year, this innovative practice is roaring back thanks to a clever assembly of open-source technologies and proprietary techniques. The result? Seamless access to data across silos without ETL.

Register for this episode of The Briefing Room to hear Bloor Group Senior Analyst Evren Sel Cakir explain how open-source software has fueled this next generation of data virtualization. He’ll be joined by Ian Tinney of Gemini Data, who will explain how his technology was designed to provision both structured and unstructured data virtually, allowing all manner of business users to get the data they need quickly and effectively, without taxing enterprise systems.


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