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Data Fabric: The Keystone for Hybrid Cloud

The tipping point already passed, and the major analyst firms agree: The future is hybrid cloud, and it’s already here. The question now is how to manage this multifaceted world of enterprise computing. Central to the strategy of most forward-looking companies is a data fabric which provides the backbone for a new generation of business applications that are fast, scalable, and secure. What does all that look like?

Register for this episode of ‘How Data Works’ to hear veteran Data Scientist Dr. Geoffrey Malafsky explain why a data fabric is central to this next era of computing. He’ll be joined by Scott Clinton of Hortonworks who will share his company’s vision, which will support all kinds of applications, including classic stateful, and modern stateless apps. He’ll also detail his firm’s work with the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, which is paving the way for this new reality.



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