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Choosing a Data Catalog: Guidance for a Critical Decision

Data catalogs are the new standard for delivering trusted data and are proving themselves as state-of-the-art data management tools. From modest beginnings as data inventory and search tools, they have grown to support business analysts, data scientists, data stewards, data curators, and data engineers. Beyond tactical applications, catalogs have strategic value. CDOs and CAOs view the catalog as strategic for data asset management, data governance, and analytic quality and productivity.

Selecting a data catalog is a critical decision with far reaching implications. With features to support metadata management, data inventory, data discovery, analysis and insight, and data governance the catalog becomes the centerpiece of modern data management. Register for this special Webinar to learn about twenty criteria to help choose the right data catalog for your data management future.

You will learn about:
• The variety of data catalog tools in the marketplace today.
• The broad range of stakeholders with interest in the data catalog.
• How data catalogs work with and advance self-service analysis.
• How data catalogs support data curation and data governance.
• Discovery, insight, governance, and other criteria to consider selecting data catalog technology



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