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Burst into the Clouds: How to Super-Charge Analytics

The Briefing Room with Eric Kavanagh and Alluxio

Analysts want answers, not constraints. But despite the promise of cloud-based analytics, the reality on the ground is that most data remains on-prem. Moving it all to the cloud has been a non-starter for many reasons: cost, latency, technical difficulty. But what if you could use a virtual marshaling area for data that would connect on-prem environments to any major cloud platform, enabling high-powered computation without the need to move data en masse?

Register for this episode of The Briefing Room to hear Bloor Group CEO Eric Kavanagh explain how a new approach to data orchestration offers tremendous promise for connecting traditional data centers with the high power of cloud computing, data centers with other data centers, and clouds with other clouds. He’ll be joined by Alex Ma, Director of Solutions Engineering at Alluxio, who will explain how his company’s technology can bridge on-prem data centers with cloud computing frameworks, enabling a new era of analytical prowess.



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