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Building the Presto Open Source Community – Round Table

Presto is a widely adopted federated SQL engine that data platform teams use to perform ad-hoc querying of data in place. Facebook donated prestoDB, the original Presto project to the Linux Foundation to create the Presto Foundation. Other members include Uber, Twitter, Alibaba & Alluxio. Ahana, the Presto-based analytics company recently joined the Foundation as well.

In this round table moderated by Eric Kavanagh, panelists will discuss all aspects of building a thriving open source community around PrestoDB including, why Presto is so popular, the problems Presto solves, the open source model the foundation follows, why governance and transparency are so important to an open source community and finally, what the community looks for in open source projects.

Join us as experts from the Presto Foundation, including Facebook, Uber, and Ahana, share their views.



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