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Breaking Away from Managing by Opinions — The Real Value of a Data Catalog

Jim Barksdale, former CEO at Netscape, once said “If we have data let’s look at data. If all we have is opinions, let’s go with mine.” The message is clear, but having data is only the beginning, Your analysts need to find the right data, understand the data, and deliver timely insights at reasonable cost. That’s where data catalogs make a real difference.

The value and benefits of a data catalog are often described as the ability for analysts to find the data that they need quickly and efficiently. Data cataloging accelerates analysis by minimizing the time and effort that analysts spend finding and preparing data. Anecdotally it is said that 80% of self-service analysis without a data catalog is spent getting the data ready for analysis. With a catalog, the numbers are reversed – 80% analysis with only 20% data preparation. Although there is much truth in the 80/20 story, anecdotal evidence is often not enough to gain funding and support for a data catalog. To craft a compelling business case we need to quantify the value of a data catalog.

Join us to learn how to craft a business case that even the bean counters will like. You will learn how to quantify:
· The data analysis time and cost savings with a data catalog
· The revenue generating opportunities of a data catalog
· The savings that are possible by eliminating redundancy in analytics
· The opportunities for quality improvement and risk containment in analytics modern business.



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