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Action-Packed: How Analytic Solutions Drive Real-World Change

The power of analytics cannot be denied, but the immediacy of effective action tells the tale of success. Solutions that enable data-driven decisions will tend to produce positive results on track with how quickly and efficiently professionals can change a business process upon finding relevant insights. The longer that latency, the lower the value. That’s why operational intelligence can provide such bang for the buck: the benefits can accrue right away.

Register for this special episode of The Briefing Room to hear Bloor Group CEO Eric Kavanagh explain why analytics is no longer just for the elite. He’ll demonstrate why “BI for the Masses” has finally arrived, and what that means for your organization. He’ll be joined by Shane Swiderek of TIBCO Jaspersoft, who will showcase several cutting-edge analytics solutions, and demonstrate how they are helping companies navigate the increasingly choppy waters of modern business.



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