Inside Analysis

Tech Lab

The Inside Analysis Tech Lab showcases the design, production and use of enterprise applications that solve real-world challenges. Each Tech Lab project features a Data Scientist who works with an innovative software vendor to create a solution that leverages data, big and small, in order to deliver meaningful results.

The process typically spans three months, and begins with a brainstorming session, then works through a series of steps to identify, capture, prepare, and ultimately integrate appropriate data sets. The solution can incorporate any number of enterprise technologies, and use any type of data. The key is to demonstrate how each step along the way is accomplished.

Like a story, every successful project has a beginning, middle and end. The Tech Lab demonstrates this through a series of Webcasts and blogs that tell the tale of the solution: 

    1) Initial Webcast defines the business challenge, objectives, tools, methods and overall strategy

    2) Second Webcast, a month later, explains in detail key aspects of how the project is progressing

    3) Final Webcast shows the solution, offers insights about lessons learned and ideas for the future

Additionally, the Data Scientist and team will write a series of at least five blogs throughout the three-month period, offering perspectives on tactics employed, hurdles encountered, solutions designed and other related topics. These articles will run every other week throughout the campaign.

Finally, a five-page white paper will summarize key components of the project, explaining how specific challenges were overcome, and providing advice on how organizations can incorporate various strategies and tactics to achieve enterprise success.