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Step by Step – A Process for Building Analytical Insights

LIVE WEBCAST TODAY! Change is everywhere in the world of analytics these days, and not just due to Big Data. The maturation of parallel processing is transforming how data can be loaded, prepared and processed, which means the window of possibility has widened dramatically in terms of what can be done. This is good news for just about everyone, especially the dedicated business analyst, who can now accomplish in hours what used to take days or weeks.

Register for this episode of The Briefing Room to hear Data Science luminary Dr. Kirk Borne of George Mason University, as he describes the changing landscape of analytics. He’ll be briefed by John Santaferraro of Actian, who will tout his company’s analytical platform. While Santaferraro gives his talk, he’ll be accompanied by a data analyst who will walk through a demonstration of the various steps for building analytical solutions.

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