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COVID-19 has had a significant impact on our lives, our work and our outlooks on both. In last week’s Inside Analysis show, Raj Verma, Co-CEO of MemSQL and Joe Richert of RStudio guested to share their perspectives on COVID data as well as their transforming workplaces. 

Given that a third of patients who have contracted COVID continue to suffer from residual issues such as loss of taste and smell following recovery, the public is desperate for answers. “What drives your instinct is only data right now because there are no other stimuli around,” said Verma. “We need social interaction a lot more than we thought we did.” 

If we cannot rely on each other the way we did before COVID’s onset, we can try to rely on each other’s information. “The thing to know is that there are tons of scientists – epidemiologists, statisticians and data scientists around the world who are driven only by science and are cooperating,” said Richert. “All this is done in the open so anybody who has an interest can see what is happening.”  

Transparency is key, but so is diligence. To address the time lapse between data’s collection and the time of its application, corrections must be made after the fact. “We’re collecting this data in real time, but it’s not like time is moving forward,” Richert explained. “For the forecasts to be accurate, you have to go back and put the data in the right place.” 

As scientists grapple with the changing nature of their data, companies managing that data must adjust to a workforce very different from what is familiar. Verma, who never gave much thought to remote working in the past, has since seen some benefits to engaging with a digital world: “What drives productivity is a sense of purpose and belonging,” he said. “You cannot make up for that lack of mission and belonging by having fancy offices. You can easily drive that mission digitally, but you have to over-communicate.” 

Check out the full episode with countless more insights here!

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