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Solve for Success: Normalize Disparate Enterprise Data in Minutes

March 3, 2014 – March 3, 2014

714 7th Avenue

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A Method for the Madness of Disparate Enterprise Data

Learn from Actual Data Scientist Dr. Geoffrey Malafsky how your organization can solve previously intractable data definition problems in tens of minutes. Dr. Malafsky’s proven methodology circumvents traditional organizational boundaries and turf battles by focusing acutely on the people, processes and technologies that make information systems tick.

9:00 – What Is Data Normalization?
10:15 – How to Blend Enterprise Data Models
12:00 – Lunch Break
1:15 – Creating a Common Information Model
2:15 – Merging, Normalizing and Semantic Resolution
3:15 – A Clear Path to Data Science
4:15 – Live-Fire Workshop: Let’s Solve Problems

In this full-day session, Dr. Malafsky will demonstrate his PSIKORS Methodology, which has solved complex information challenges for major corporations and massive government agencies. He’ll show how a combination of Corporate NoSQL with Real-Time MDM can resolve even the most vexing data contradictions, because no answer is incorrect. This means all corporate views can be graduated to trusted sources, blessed by both the business and IT. Malafsky, a former nanotechnology scientist with the US Navy, will close with a detailed assessment of how the PSIKORS Methodology can pave the way for the application of Data Science to achieve real and measurable business value.


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