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Rstudio::global() envisions a new line-up of speakers

by Danielle Oberdier

Anyone who has been to rstudio::conf in the past few years may be disappointed to hear that the 2021 conference, previously scheduled for January in Orlando, FL, is now virtual. However, though tubs of cheesy popcorn and mid-morning cookie breaks may not be in our near future, rstudio::global() plans to unite the worldwide R community with increased inclusivity and access, visibility for newer programmers and never-before-offered resources for speakers. 

Though the RStudio team has yet to finalize a full set of details on the upcoming event, here are some highlights of what to expect: 

A Commitment to Feature New Talent

A statement released by RStudio’s Chief Scientist and “tidyverse” creator, Hadley Wickham, on July 17, 2020 announced that this year’s conference program will cater towards data scientists who are either new to speaking, usually unable to attend rstudio::conf in person or both. In adding previously unheard voices to the mix, RStudio will help its speaker team fashion high-level talks from interesting ideas. This year, all speakers will receive free coaching from partner company Articulation Inc. leading up to the event. 

A New Application Feature 

In the past, applications to speak at rstudio::conf have required only a proposed title and abstract.  This year, due to the conference’s virtual setup, aspiring speakers must also submit a 60-second video to introduce themselves and the topic they want to cover. 

A Spotlight on Community

RStudio remains interested in hearing specific ways in which R has helped their community solve real-world problems as well as ways in which innovators in the space have expanded the programming language itself.  However, rstudio::global() also seeks to cover ways in which community members teach R, making it more accessible to traditionally marginalized audiences.  Broad reflections from diverse speakers about coding in R, working with R packages and investing in the R community at large are also within RStudio’s scope of interest as they develop a stunning lineup for the conference ahead. 

Eager to join the lineup? 

Applications are due on August 14! 

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