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Modern Data Warehouse

Agile, Automated and Adaptive

The Bloor Group in a joint effort with David Loshin conducted research on the Modern Data Warehouse. As data warehousing, business intelligence and analytics have matured and moved into the mainstream, much of the data warehouse architecture conforms to an accepted convention involving data ingestion, preparation, modeling and provisioning components. New technologies are evolving, such as data warehouse automation, streamlined adaptability or other agile solutions that support end-user reporting and analytics needs.

The intent is to foster an understanding of the concepts of recent innovations in data warehousing, examine how the tools, environments and services have evolved and what that means for the business user. More importantly, we surveyed professionals (architects and users alike) and collected responses for analysis to assess the value proposition in terms of variables such as staffing, expenses, management overhead, time-to-knowledge and any other factor that might influence the consideration, acquisition and adoption of these solutions.

We  launched a survey to solicit the input of the business and technical user community (data warehouse professionals, architects and users alike). The report writers collected and tabulated the responses, synthesized the results and present the conclusions in a research paper and Findings webcast.

The resulting report includes the qualitative assessment of the state of the market, quantitative analysis of the survey responses and provides our interpretation of how the results can guide the reader to making the right decision for data warehouse engineering. READ THE REPORT

In general, the objectives of this research include:

  • Assessment of market perceptions of current levels of capability and maturity with respect to selected areas of technology focus.
  • Appraisal of market expectations and readiness for adoption of alternative or emerging techniques and technologies.
  • Soliciting opinions and perceptions of enterprise technology and how choices are made for evaluating, acquiring and adopting technology.

As part of the research, Bloor Group CEO Eric Kavanagh will interview leading data warehousing professionals to discuss the innovations and evolution in the field, and the Bloor Group team will write associated articles.

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