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Making Sense of Hadoop

Hadoop burst onto the scene a decade ago and has been gaining strength ever since. It has become synonymous with Big Data and has given rise to innovation, and a good deal of hype. Still, many questions remain: What is Hadoop? Where does it excel, and where does it fall short? How will it evolve? What technologies naturally complement it and make it more effective? What exactly is a data lake and why would anyone need one? How can you make Hadoop enterprise ready?

Hadoop is far more than a scale-out file system, it is a development platform and software ecosystem that is rapidly becoming the dominant server operating environment: the fundamental infrastructure and driving force for server computing.

In this Interactive Research Report, The Bloor Group will explore the current landscape of Hadoop and offer guidance for today’s organizations to determine how, when and where to deploy this powerful technology. We will explore how existing information architectures can be modified to include Hadoop most effectively and provide examples of best-practice use cases. The report will include several key deliverables:

Exploratory Webcast In this hour-long, live Web seminar, Dr. Robin Bloor will provide his vision for Making Sense of Hadoop. He’ll describe the current Hadoop landscape and explain key business drivers and challenges for adoption of a scale-out file system and explain how different use cases should be approached.

Enterprise Interviews  The Bloor Group will interview more than a dozen senior executives, data scientists and key business professionals to gain a deep understanding of how the most cutting-edge organizations are deploying Hadoop and its associated technologies to gain valuable information.

Roundtable Webcast  This hour-long, live Web seminar will feature two independent industry analysts who will offer their perspectives on the evolving Hadoop ecosystem. They’ll discuss the challenges and benefits of the Hadoop ecosystem and the technology springing up around it. WATCH THE WEBCAST | DOWNLOAD THE SLIDES

White Paper  A 20-page detailed white paper will review key findings of the research process. The report will also include a diagram of the Hadoop Ecosystem. DOWNLOAD THE RESEARCH REPORT

Findings Webcast  In this 70-minute Webcast, Dr. Bloor will share key discoveries made during the research process. WATCH THE WEBCAST  | DOWNLOAD THE SLIDES















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