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Making Sense of Analytics, BI and Big Data

The holy grail for analytics is to enable actionable insights and meaningful knowledge discovery. Consequently, the areas of BI and analytics are rapidly producing innovative technologies that fuel the big data-driven enterprise. While this is good news, those with purchasing power must ensure that new investments serve the business effectively and integrate with existing infrastructure.

In this Interactive Research Report, The Bloor Group will explore the current landscape of BI, analytics and big data and offer guidance for today’s organizations to determine which technologies they need to consider to successfully deploy an end-to-end business solution. We will examine these technologies in the context of various Hadoop-based architectures. A number of best-practice use cases will be provided as well. The report will include several deliverables:

Exploratory Webcast  In this hour-long, live Web seminar, Dr. Robin Bloor and Dez Blanchfield will provide their vision for Making Sense of Analytics, BI and Big Data. They’ll describe the key business drivers and challenges of current technologies and explain how different use cases should be approached. WEBCAST | SLIDES

Enterprise Interviews  Beginning in January 2016, The Bloor Group will interview senior executives, data analysts and leading business professionals to gain a deep understanding of how today’s modern enterprise is leveraging BI and analytics against big data.

Survey  The Bloor Group will conduct a wide-reaching survey across organizations to gauge the interest, implementation and usefulness of big data analytics solutions. 

Roundtable Webcast  This hour-long, live Web seminar will feature two independent industry analysts who will offer their perspectives on the future of BI and analytics. They’ll discuss the challenges and benefits of analytics within and around the Hadoop ecosystem, as well as the technology springing up around it. WEBCAST | SLIDES

White Paper  A 20-page detailed white paper will review principal findings of the research process.

Findings Webcast  In this 70-minute Webcast, Dr. Bloor will share key discoveries made during the research process. WEBCAST | SLIDES

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