Multimedia Research Program by The Bloor Group

What’s bigger than big data? Artificial intelligence! That’s because AI will soon transform practically every business process in the world, in part due to the abundance of big data, and specifically our ability to collect, process, analyze and leverage this expanding resource.

Due to the massive impact that AI will have, InsideAnalysis will dedicate an entire year of interactive research to help our audience better understand this mega trend. We’ll use multiple channels for discussion, including social, radio, webinars, technical briefings and articles.

And we’ll go one level deeper! Our founders, Dr. Robin Bloor and Eric Kavanagh, will co-author a book to be published in January, 2020, which will synthesize the insights we derive from our many conversations throughout the year. Sound exciting? We’d love your input!

Get Involved!

Got something to say about AI? Send us an email to [email protected] to give us your take! We’re keen to learn from the brightest minds, including yours! Vendors, we’d love to take a technical briefing to better understand your solution. Please schedule via email.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Having served nearly 200 enterprise software clients since we launched in 2010, we’re keenly aware that every sponsor has their own unique needs. As such, we’re offering custom opportunities for involvement in this multimedia research program. Components can include:
* articles and white papers
* radio show appearances
* lead-generating webinars
* social media campaigns

For sponsors who really want to make their mark, we suggest underwriting a chapter of the book. This will allow you to interact directly with the authors in a meaningful way, as we hash out the critical issues that will define how AI changes the world of business.

Radio Shows

Once per month, InsideAnalysis will dedicate its radio show to AI-related topics. Each show will feature 1-4 guests who will give their take in a live broadcast. InsideAnalysis is now carried coast-to-coast, in Los Angeles, Salt Lake City and almost all of Utah; Chicago, Milwaukee, Jacksonville; and suburban areas of Atlanta, Pensacola and Louisville