This primary research project, conducted by David Loshin and Abie Reifer of DecisionWorx in conjunction with The Bloor Group, will examine the real-world use of technologies and solutions that comprise the Hadoop/Big Data Management enterprise environment. Data management and application development professionals will be surveyed and asked about their corporate experience in evaluating, testing, and adopting Hadoop-based technologies.

The resulting report will include the qualitative assessment of the state of the market, quantitative analysis of the survey responses and provide our interpretation of how the results can guide the reader to making the right decision for big data management solutions.

The research project explores:

  • What components of the Hadoop ecosystem have been piloted within the organization?
  • What components have been fully integrated within business applications?
  • How long have the applications been in production?
  • What resources were required to move the application into production?
  • What were the biggest challenges in design, development, and implementation?
  • How do the new applications perform according to a number of defined criteria such as speed, effort, complexity, and cost?
  • What are the opportunities for expanding the use of this technology?

After an analysis of the data, we will produce a comprehensive report that will summarize what was learned and highlight the types of business applications that are enhanced using Hadoop, the types of applications that are not significantly improved, specific components that are gaining traction in adoption, and provide an assessment of adoption of the “bleeding edge” Hadoop/Apache ecosystem components.


As part of the research, Bloor Group CEO Eric Kavanagh will interview leading Big Data professionals to discuss the innovations and evolution in the field.

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Teradata and Enterprise Hadoop