Database is the new black. Ever the backbone of information management architectures, database technology continually evolves to meet growing and changing business needs. New types of data and applications make the database more important then ever, and understanding which technology best serves your use case is paramount to building a rock solid architecture.

This interactive research study will explore how and why the database industry has transformed, and provide guidance for decision-makers and end users. Through a series of interviews, social engagements and webcasts, The Bloor Group will delineate what elements and long-term goals to consider when selecting a database platform.

Exploratory Webcast Chief Analyst Dr. Robin Bloor will present his current view about the use of database technology in specific contexts: OLTP, Data Warehouse, Cloud, Data Lake, Analytics & BI, HTAP, Streaming, Graph and Text Analytics. WEBCAST

Roundtable Webcast Dr. Bloor will be joined by technical experts from sponsoring vendors who will each bring one slide depicting the architecture of their solution. Host Eric Kavanagh will moderate a roundtable discussion focused on different architectural approaches. WEBCAST

Executive Interviews The Bloor Group will interview senior executives, data analysts and leading business professionals to gain a deep understanding of how today’s modern enterprise is leveraging various types of database platforms within the organization.

Findings Webcast Dr. Bloor will present his findings of the research project, distilling in detail why choosing the right database for enterprise needs is critical to nearly every process across the organization. REGISTER NOW!

Research Report A 20-page report will complement the three webcasts, weaving together critical findings of the research process. The centerpiece of the report will be a detailed comparison of contemporary database products and their use cases.

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